Vacuum pumps

VAMA vacuum chamber machines use oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps to generate the rough vacuum. These pumps work as follows:


An eccentric and slotted rotor uses moving or centrifugal vanes to seal the intake and output sides from each other. The rotary vanes move through a small reservoir of lubrication oil, in order to ensure even lubrication of the moving parts. The oil also provides additional sealing and removes heat, ensuring optimum temperatures within the pump. The pump always conveys a small amount of the lubricant. A smart separation system ensures that the output air is clean and free of oil. The filtered lubricant is simultaneously fed back into circulation. If the vacuum pump stops, the check valve in the intake manifold prevents air from flowing back into the vacuum chamber.


The pumps used at VAMA can reach nominal suction rates of 4 m3/h to 250 m3/h.

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