Quality is more than just a word to us. We aim to achieve the best level of quality possible, both in terms of our products and at business and process level. You can benefit from this. You also benefit from the durability and reliability of our vacuum chamber machines, as well as the guaranteed product safety.



ISO certification

VAMA Maschinenbau GmbH has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1994. This certification confirms that VAMA has introduced and implemented a quality management system, and continuously improves it. ISO 9001 is the most important and widespread national and international standard in quality management. You can find the certificate here and in the Downloads/Brochures & certificates section, where it is available to download.

CE mark

All VAMA vacuum chamber machines bear the CE mark. This guarantees that all our machines meet the valid product-specific European directives.

GS mark (safety tested)

Our vacuum chamber machines are all GS certified. The GS sign is the only legally mandated test mark for product safety in Europe. With it, our customers can rest assured that the safety of our products has been tested by an independent body in line with German product safety legislation.

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